Outfits on Instagram

Just some outfits last year snapped on Instagram


festival looks

I really cant explained my unconditional love for General Pants Co. uhhhhh  but the white change rooms were in Myers.  the skull outfit was my shopping outfit, the eyeball shirt was on sale along with this metallic gold tshirt that i purchased. The burnt orange dress was so beautiful- it was so thin and airy and the pattern was so amazing. its kind of annoying that the kinds of babydoll dresses with no elasticated waists have very extremely big waist areas even if the dress size is like a extra small. its because there isnt a zipper or button at the back so you have to squeeze your hips or shoulders and head into the waist  and the turtleneck dress was heavenly as well! usually turtlenecks don't suit me because i have quite broad shoulders but im trying to make it work and the print up close were continuous tiger heads! the last outfit was an agent ninetynine cropped angled singlet and i loved the tribal elephant indian print skirt! if i bought everything it wouldnt have been over $300 !!! oh and if you were wondering in the last photo my waist stomach area looks very weird like stuff is sticking out its my rib bones and the shirt was very form fiting!


inspo 2

Lately i haven't been doing much just last 3 days i been to 3 parties and it has been tiring for everyone especially my mum because she has to cook organize everything, just stupid trouble with my younger brother. i have watched- mean girls, pitch perfect, perks of being a wallflower, diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules and jaws. these movies have been divine and i just sit in my room laughing like a crazy physco especially pitch perfect and diary of a wimpy kid.


Woolen Shopping

Quick ootd when i went grocery shopping with my family



Just a collection of pictures from music videos, tumblr blogs. and fashion blogs. None of these photos are mine,