Brother's Uniform

Hey everyone! i went out again on 2nd of Jan. I seem to be going out everyday now excluding the days i work //: I went to this place because my brother had to purchase his school uniform for this year! i( iwas about to say next year) he is in year 7 this year awwww. While everyone was busy (mum, dad, brother) i went to stop by Vinnies and shops in the Westfield. We also had lunch at this amazing Japanese restaurant, i had Terikyaki chicken ramen yummmo although it was a tinsy bit salty haha. My dad had a bento box and i had the miso soup that went with it haha unfortunately i wasnt able to get any photos with my outfit i wore a silver chain necklace, white and black striped t shirt, a blue checkered flannel, black shredded shorts, black lace socks and my leopard creepers and aolive satchel. We got 4 cookies that were $2.50 each uhh and i had  mixed berry yoghurt. I bought these two realllly cool button down shirts from vinnies which fit me absolutely perfectly!! cos i have broad shoulders and a tiny waist not many things fit. one was a blue and daisy printed and the other was a paisley sort of thailandy print. i also got a black graphic shirt from vinnies which reminds me of the boy london tshirt WHICH i will get when i go to london next april! wooo. and i got a leather circle skirt which is soooo soft uhh. i have kinda a problem with skirts? my waist is fine but my hip bones kind of poke out so when i wear skirts with no jackets or anything over them they look like my hips are twice as large as they really are /: all in all i am quite satisfied with my purchases over the last few days :)

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