Glass reflection

 Today the 17th of Feb was a very chill day, it started when i wanted to sleep in because it is a Sunday but my silly but cute father, somehow mistakenly thiought it was Monday a school day, barged into my room at 7am and yeah, i had an early morning had my 3rd very unhealthy banana bread dripped in Nutella and setted off to my local basketball stadium to do some training with my brother while my parents played badminton. We first stopped at the sunday markets and my mother finally took me to buy some cute succulents which were so cheap! 3 plants for $5 aud. wow! and then i went home, studied a bit then set off to the supermarket, mainly to guide my mother for purchasing the ingredients for my school lunch for the next 5 days. I went around a little and bought my first perfume bottle! the Harajuku Lovers brand was at the very top shelf... even with my 5 cm boots on i struggled to reach it on my tiptoes! So i purchased 3 succulent plants, a Harajuku Lover Baby perfume, the latest Russh magazine and a bottle of dark blue hair dye.


Polyvore Sets

Some of my favourite sets that i made on my Polyvore.


inspo 5

  1. This cute little 'grunge girl' lol
  2. Romeo and Juliet collection from Wildfox
  3. Models
  4. Ripped denim and doc martens
  5. Metallic and 'the rainbow oil spill pattern'
  6. More of ^
  7. The fantastic Liu Wen in a skeleton what ever that is
  8. Sculptured Head
  9. Lips
  10. Oyster Magazine shoot.


7 Deadly Sins of Fashion Tag

1. Greed: What is your most inexpensive/expensive fashion item?Inexpensive item: I dont think i would include any accessories or basics but i would say button downs/t shirts from thrift stores that i wear often!
Expensive item: My auntie from Canada had gifted me a real leather jacket that was $500+ euro? which is $650+ Aud.
Other wise my Cut out spiked black boots that were $200

2. Wrath: What fashion item do you have a love/hate relationship with? What item has been the hardest to get?
 I love my should spiked over sized denim jacket because i spent many hours slaving away studding them, the first few months i felt abit embarrassed wearing them out because they were so 'much' but it has been a while so i am waiting until it gets cold again (its starting to) so i can rock these out more! I had thrifted the denim jacket from my local Vinnies for $7 and bought the spikes from studsandspikes.com for over $20 so.. the proportions still humour me. I dont think i would sell them, its just when you consider the costs and in conjunction my labour put into them no one would buy it!

I recently bought my first (and only in my wardrobe) dress! i find dresses so hard to find. Some dont look nice, plus my body proportions is very strange and abnormal so yeah. i have broad shoulders, small waist and really long torso so is i find a nice dress to fit my waist it would be as long as a tshirt on me!

3. Gluttony: What fashion item do you have the most of? Which item do you wear the most?
I have of button down printed tee shirts now i wear my velvet shorts and floral shorts often as i have so many denim shorts and they arent the most comfortable bottoms! i am also wearing my pleather circle skirt more and more!
4. Sloth: What fashion item do you neglect out of laziness? i am havent been wearing denim jeans for a long time because i need new pairs, and my old pairs i have grown out of?
5. Pride: What fashion item gives you the most self confidence? i love my cutout boots, whenever i go out i get 5 compliments/comments on them and i feel very happy! also... i bought a plain black t shirt to wear to my basketball training and it is very fitting not tight unlike the many oversized t shirts i have bought and it shows off my figure! i also like my spiked denim jacket and my back pleather skirts as it fits my waist and shows it off!
6. Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? If they are confident, funny, talkative, most definitely TALLER THAN ME. so 180cm and plus, sport guys are hot.
7. Envy: What item would you most like to receive as a gift?
Things that i wouldnt get for myself but would love for someone else to purchase for me would be Unif stuff - Black and gold hellraisers, the axl shorts are so heavenly, i can not choose between the three colours - black leather, leopard or red velvet!  i want them alll!!! I would also love a really beautiful bottled perfume!


Vintage Markets

Hey!!! its the 16th of feb and i ust came back from a quick trip to the markets with my family! last time i went was like 5 weeks ago and i wore my creepers and i sprained my ankle real bad... anyways, i got some damn coool outerwear today, omgggg the photo of my with a light wash denim vest was one of them!! i love the look, its so light and looks legit and vintage if you know what i mean? and also it is lined with white sherling inside! like BAZZINGAA!!!i also got this black really textured furry coat and its so warm and soft, i this awesome thin light pink crushed velvet cardigan! o m g i love this place so much!!!


inspo 6

 Lana so suits the Mona Lisa uhhh lana's so gorg!
 Charlotte Free
 Haha i really need these

 Versace ohh yeahh. I am seriously in love with this logo!

 I am obsessed with Givenchy and their printed jumpers/ jackets/ skirts/tops everything!! i love the frames, the purple flowers the dog haha
 This is breathtakingl
 Baggy jeans, Patent black boots, oil spill. : perfection
 I actually really like these shoes! i might get them cos i know a place in sydney that sell them in really good quality! i also love graphic socks! besides Topshop i really have no idea where to purchase like Simpson and other character socks like these
This girl is perf

SKulls in teacups?!??!! skulls + tea?!??!