inspo 4

I quite like Miranda's hair colour, i was aiming for that colour like i showed my hairdresser that photo and he was like yeah yeah sure. and i gave him green hair dye and blue hair dye and i said 'alot of blue and little green' and he ended up squirting half the green first and half of blue and it went this horrid green colour so he added alot of dark blue and it ended up okay. im waiting for this weekend to redye my hair becuase i am going camping with swimming and so i think/noticed frim last time that chloring fads your hair quite fast although the longer i wait the darker my bleached hair is turning. I am quite into graphic and complete patterned printed clothing.

Love the jeremy scott x adidas skull sweater.


the plants are called succulents and i was unto it the moment a follower on tumblr told me of their name! and my mum said that those plants are some sort of cactus and from my knowledge, if cactus can survive deserts fine without water then i can take care of a bunch of succulents in my garden without bothering too much. and apparently they are really cheap!!! i will buy so much my garden will win first prize. 

update on life- umm my hair is a diorrhea colour, got lots of english and science work, trying hard at basketball training,  making more friends :33 ummm i can eat better now cos my teeth + braces are heeling?! and taking an initiative to work and do my own studies out of school!

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