You suck

28th/01/13=""Omg!!!! it's like only 3 days until school starts!?! Im ecited but also sad that i wont be able to go shopping as much! cos seriously holdiays are the only time i spend moolah. I made myself a rule to never buy plain shirts ever again! It;s too boring so lately i am on the hunt for cute graphic shirts!!! i love my new eyeball shirt since i saw a similar shirt on jenn from clothesencounter! the CD shirt was a men's medium being the smallest size but i reckon a nineties knot fixes everything!!! and on tumblr ive being seeing the you suck pink heart biscuits and when i saw this i was like OMG!!! it is a women's medium which was the smallest size left as well!!! i didnt end up getting any... i hope i dont regret leaving it! i also dont know whether i should get the leather pinafore?! last i checked instores there were only 2 left but it was still full priced at 80 or 90 dollars sooo......""

7th/2/13= exactly one week form starting school and getting braces! i can finally bite exremely oft things, i have a school swimming carnival tomorrow (friday) and a out of school festival on saturday! i might wear the same clothes? cos i reallly like my outfit planned for tmr i got some cool pins/buttons today to put on my diy denim vest and i am going to quickly stud the back now! i hope everyone is doing welll xxxx

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