Life through instagram

Just a messy post with all the yummy food and events and random objects.
  1. Rocky road and raspberry muffin with raspberry, white choc chips, marshmallows and chocolate icing that was done for a school assignment
  2. Nutella pizza with strawberry and vanilla icecream at an Italian Pizza Restaurant
  3. Thrifted denim jacket from Vinnies and DIY shoulder spikes. 
  4. Printed photos of my inspirations to stick on my wardrobe doors to get me inspried when picking out outfits,
  5. Chocolate Waffles
  6. Chocolate Fondue with Marshmellows, Strawberries and Bananas.
  7. At a Train station and two trains were on one rail facing each other. 
  8. Mixture of items from the Sydney Topshop Opening day Oct 4th and the Glue Store magazine

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