6 days til i go to Europe. Instead of relaxing and packing clothes (should be the only source of stress) i have been working my ass off for school work. And i have decided to be a good student in regards to my 6 different assignments and presentations due the last week of school, i would try and complete them all before i leave. the 23rd and 24th of March, the weekend was excellent in getting away from all this school stuff. i finally enjoyed the bliss of splurging and shopping once again and i went to a lovely Thai restaurant right by the beach! As small the sizes of the servings were, it was the oppoistie in flavour and taste. Wow.The  lamb cutlets were so soft and extremely delicious! And the grilled chicken salad was so light and fresh yum. I had wanted and looked forward to the mango sorbet with wild berry swirl. And towards the coming of my dessert my mum told me they didn't have it in? My lamb cutlets and stir fried veggies in addition to some yummy smoked BBQ dipping sauce as well as fish sauce. he low viscosity in the both sauces flying everywhere. And so my pleather skirt was drenched in BBQ sauce, fish sauce, not to mention some ultra chilli green curry.. yes ew right.

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