Recent photos

Beanie: Dad's
Jacket: Bomber jacket from Dangerfield
Shirt: Magma from London
Shorts: just your average sport shorts
Shoes: Doc Martens

1. Colourful outfit to go watch my little brother play with basketball game
2.Purchases from the previous city outing. I bought the bag at an absolutely great bargain from General Pants and is now my new school bag!!! (my friends call me a flamingo when i wear it)
3.I bought a bundle of small rings to fulfil my jewellry hunger at the moment
4.New crazy socks!!! Yay!! the new blue ones are qutie inappropriate but the other options were pills and cigarettes so these seem like an innocent angel from heaven compared to the others
5.I love cooking (just small snacks and desert and breakfast) this consisted of berry yoghurt with sliced bananas, a handful of raw oats and a homemade berry compote.
6. My amazing boost juice like berry smoothie! I blend honey, ice, milk, water, so many berries, berry yoghurt and sliced bananas to top.
7.My first Oyster mag!!! I loe the online website and when i got this i was so excited but .... i reckon the magazine is not that worth it! I'll just stick to my beloved RUSSH and Vogue mag
7. Lol haha, i swear to god one of the most annoying disadvantages of being tall is facing horribly short sinks! This was almost as low as my knee ):

Great City Outing

Denim jacket: thrifted and diyed shoulder spikes by Studsandspikes.com
Button down tshirt: thrifted
Skirt: This little shop in westfields
Tote Bag: A quirky shop called Magma, somewhere on the line of the Waterloo bus line in London, England.
Socks: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Doc Martens
Jewellry: Everywhere
Beanie: Dad's

City outing!!!!!! That day was heaps fun (some sunday in the month of may), me and my friends went to do some serious shopping, watch the Great Gatsby (great movie!!!) and have lunch at Pepper Lunch!!! I visited Topshop of course, like i always do when visiting the city. It was heavily raining and so the city was not crowded as per usual so that was a happy advantage to shop in peace. And yes, unfortunately/fortunately i cut off my green/blue hair!!! 



Italy, was beautiful, i visited various cities including: Rome, Lucca, Pisa, Milan, Venice and the Vatican City!