On my little shopping quest to explore Sydney, lead and accompanied by my dear friend Miela, I have been to the vintage op shops in Surry Hills, the weekend markets in Rozelle and today, the shops along King Street in Newtown. I met up with Miela at Newtown and another friend, Nina (blog). Nina wanted to go to Glebe, where coincidentally, Isabella Cornish, Australian actress, was holding a stall at the Glebe Markets. And so we caught a bus from Newtown to Glebe. I was even more overwhemled at Glebe than at Rozelle Markets, its just when you are so used to something you have no idea what else is out there and so Glebe was crazy amazing and huge! The stuff sold there were pretty cheap and the people there were so absolutely sweet. I really do love meeting and having a little chat with ew people. I was not really into and focused on hardcore shopping at Glebe markets as my intentions that day was to shop at Newtown, but i still got a few cheap things that i love alot! Glebe is definitely my new favourite markets (i have yet to visit the Surry Hills, Kirribilli or Bondi markets). 

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Sunday the 28th of July, my friend took me to a Sunday Market nearish to her house, this semester i guess i am determined to really get out of the area of Sydney that im used to going very often and ive requested from my mum is that instead of taking me to many countries overseas to explore the world i want to explore Sydney first. Ive heard great things about this market place and it was overwhelming how wonderful everything was and such unbelievable cheap prices! The place oozed coolness and many of the other visiters had just absolutely amazing clothes i couldn't believe it, everything was very inspiring! I got these socks as a birthday gift a week ago and i was concerned it may have been too weird to wear but i just gave it a go to the Markets and i was glad i did as 2 strangers complimented me on them which made me very happy. I found such great things, this crazy amazing bag (ph 5) that i was determined to buy until i had a look inside it and it was quite revolting with a band aid stuck to the side and some real Ksubi jeans (ph4)! I bought a few things (5-6 items) and when i went back to total my purchases i realized i had only spent $30-$35 sooo i went crazy. This other stall was a sweet Japanese lady selling kimonos and i tried one on while my friend bought one. Since the markets had no change rooms and little mirrors around i tried the item on and i had my friend take a photo so i could see what it looked like and i didn't get the kimono or burgundy hat but now i have some 2d memories! We trekked abit to Adriano Zumbo's shop and tried some macaroons or Zumbarons and the passion fruit flavour was my favourite! And the burger and chips i had for lunch was seriously the best burger ive had ever!


Vintage shopping + Pizza = Best Combo

 This would really be my first time ever going vintage clothing shopping in Sydney, after visiting Bricklane in London, i was wondering how come Sydney does not have all these AMAZING vintage shops??? And i guess i haven't looked hard enough, my friend took me for the first time ever to this street near the city with a couple of vintage shops and i loved it! The shops are like Vinnies, but more expensive but have much much better stuff! And we also visited Estate of Mind and American Apparel for the first time ever as well!!!! I was quite amazed as well with the many other people shopping around the street, i just loved and adored (not too creepily i hope) so many people's outfits uhh i went mad! After rummaging through racks of amazing clothes, my friend showed me some little pastry cafe that i forgot the name of and it was quite nice and afterwards we stopped at a restaurant and shared a rocket and balsamic vinegar dressing salad and possibly the best pizza ive ever had! So basically, I went out to vintage shop and bought my money's worth!

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