On my little shopping quest to explore Sydney, lead and accompanied by my dear friend Miela, I have been to the vintage op shops in Surry Hills, the weekend markets in Rozelle and today, the shops along King Street in Newtown. I met up with Miela at Newtown and another friend, Nina (blog). Nina wanted to go to Glebe, where coincidentally, Isabella Cornish, Australian actress, was holding a stall at the Glebe Markets. And so we caught a bus from Newtown to Glebe. I was even more overwhemled at Glebe than at Rozelle Markets, its just when you are so used to something you have no idea what else is out there and so Glebe was crazy amazing and huge! The stuff sold there were pretty cheap and the people there were so absolutely sweet. I really do love meeting and having a little chat with ew people. I was not really into and focused on hardcore shopping at Glebe markets as my intentions that day was to shop at Newtown, but i still got a few cheap things that i love alot! Glebe is definitely my new favourite markets (i have yet to visit the Surry Hills, Kirribilli or Bondi markets). 

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