Yummy food from Europe #1

A macaroon tower on display at a market near my hotel in Prague
Macaroons from a market in Prague
My First Ben and Jerry's cookie and dough icecream bought in Amsterdam
Cheese shop in Amsterdam!
Cherry//berry//icecream thing bought in the Holland Keukenkof Flower Garden Festival
One of the many many nutella crepes i had in Paris (i had one a day, crepe stalls were everywhere)
Dinner in Paris
Pastries in Paris
Fresh baguettes in Paris near the Lourve
Cakes at the same shop
Baguette//lunch in Paris
Baguette// lunch bought at a cafe in the London main train station
Dessert stall on the River Thames in London
Donut//Strawberry kebab at the same stall
Japanese lunch at a restaurant right on the same road as the Big Ben
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  1. Love your blog Queen Huynh!


    - N xx


    1. Aw thanks Nina! I know right ahh. That trip was what made me realised what was so good about amacrons nad why everyone loves them! Love ya blawggg as well Abby :)