I woke up late and made some breakfast. I am quite new to oatmeal and i like to try and add new ingredients every time i make it. Today i made it normally but added heaps of berries and many tablespoons of sugar and it tasted amazing!

I then went out with my family to a large picnic my parents' friends. I mainly snacked on heaps of strawberries while sitting on grass in the sun at a football field. It was great weather that was sunny, cool and breezy.  I found it extremely relaxing and pampering.

Afterwards I left home at about 3pm to go to Fox Studios for the X Factor Live shows.  The show started at 6.30pm, live, and we had to get to the studio by 5. We got to the studio late and the studio had full capacity already and were told to come next week. But we stayed and argued with the crew to get in and after a while they let us in.

In the night's outfit i tried to wear lots of black, but its second nature for me to wear at least one thing patterned and so i wore this crazy bomber jacket that i found at glebe markets, i was almost going to leave it behind as it was $40 as a second hand item but as i walked off to think about it i was already regretting it so i had to run back and buy it! I wore these sandals for some extra height just incase i needed it, if i was standing and couldn't see the stage (which would be bad for the people behind me lolzaa) and ofcourse i would never pass up any opportunity not to wear colourful patterned socks with anything and everything!

Dietrologia: the art of finding dark, ulterior motives behind the most obvious decisions



Today i went out with a few friends. I had a very sweet lunch, we shared a choc cookie vanilla icecream sandwich with some choc drizzle and strawberry, and a chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana slices, marshmellows and waffle pieces to dip! (amazeballllls). It was hot as hell (its only the start of spring as well!) so we then rushed to the movie cinema to make it in time to watch Now You See Me. It was a great movie but i found it very fast paced and at times, difficult to understand. I couldn't believe how hot Jesse Eisenburg was in the movie (with that new hairdo). Very strange movie but i enjoyed it! So many twists though.

It was an extremely hot day today but luckily we spent most of the time indoors (the cinemas was airconed woopwoop). I got home and made my favourite mixed berry smoothie with a little banana topping.


Woke up very late today and got changed to go out for lunch with my family. We just went to a typical Vietnamese restaurant, only this restaurant based the majority of it's dishes with its famous crispy skin chicken. It was an extremely grey day, and also was quite breezy, cool and almost cold. Which was a complete opposite from the day before's weather of 33 degrees. I thought it was a great contrast with what i was wearing today (my current favourite blouse from surry hills), as, if ever a day is very gloomy or boring, i aim to dress in a very fun manner which always puts me in a good mood :)

Afterwards, we just walked around the town abit, taking photos while my parents went grocery shopping! When i got home i did some maths and had a large bowl of cereal for dinner while watching X-Factor! (i love you Jiordan!!!!! xxxx)

Deipnophobia: The fear of a dinner conversation


my weekend - 31/8/13 & 1/9/13

Today I accompanied my parents to the Flemington Markets, I didnt have much time to get ready and so i rushed out of the door, i wasn't able to put on any jewellery or anything ): I went to just get out of the house to get some fresh air and because a few previous times, i have found many nice clothing items at these markets. My parents went to the food market while i went alone to the other side. I am starting this thing where, i only buy things that i love alot not, just anything. And so today i bought nothing which was a shame. From going to markets such as Glebe and Rozelle, and going back to here, Flemington was a complete dud in comparison.

Afterwards i went home and was in the mood to make some very quick and easy puff pastries. There were two fillings: cream cheese and mixed berries & nutella and mixed berries. I wasn't able to get any full body shots today as my brother (who normally takes my photos) wanted to stay home.
 Today i didn't do much except go to a little mixed cuisine restaurant to have a quick lunch. I wore the same outfit as yesterday except some jewellery, in which i believe contributes a fair amount to an outfit! I had the T-bone steak with some salad, glorious wedges and black pepper sauce. After lunch, i went home and the rest of the day was a full on english study sesh!


FOo0d from Europe #2

 Miso soup and fried noodles at a restaurant in Dubai Airport
 First risotto ever in my life in the city of Lucca, Italy
 Super Duper Scrumptious Nutella Chocolate Waffle in Florence, Italy
Nutella pastry while waiting at Milan train station (didnt taste as good as it looks)
 Ravioli lunch at the Border of Switzerland and Italy in Tirano (what i noticed was that in Switzerland, pasta was about 20 pounds while in Italy the pasta average was $8, so we travelled abit towards Italy to get some nicer cheaper lunch :) )
 Juices and yoghurt in a section of a Swiss supermarket
 DELICIOUS cute little macaroons in Switzerland
Yoghurt,Juice,Pasta, Fruit bought in a supermarket in Switzerland Montreux
 Cheese fondue at a Swiss restaurant in Luzern
The "James Bond Speghetti" from the The Schilthorn at the top of the Swiss Alps (view was blinding but surreal!
First proper pretzel ever in Berlin!
One of the many many nutella crepes in Paris
Sweet and sour soup in Berlin
Tarts and cakes in Paris
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