FOo0d from Europe #2

 Miso soup and fried noodles at a restaurant in Dubai Airport
 First risotto ever in my life in the city of Lucca, Italy
 Super Duper Scrumptious Nutella Chocolate Waffle in Florence, Italy
Nutella pastry while waiting at Milan train station (didnt taste as good as it looks)
 Ravioli lunch at the Border of Switzerland and Italy in Tirano (what i noticed was that in Switzerland, pasta was about 20 pounds while in Italy the pasta average was $8, so we travelled abit towards Italy to get some nicer cheaper lunch :) )
 Juices and yoghurt in a section of a Swiss supermarket
 DELICIOUS cute little macaroons in Switzerland
Yoghurt,Juice,Pasta, Fruit bought in a supermarket in Switzerland Montreux
 Cheese fondue at a Swiss restaurant in Luzern
The "James Bond Speghetti" from the The Schilthorn at the top of the Swiss Alps (view was blinding but surreal!
First proper pretzel ever in Berlin!
One of the many many nutella crepes in Paris
Sweet and sour soup in Berlin
Tarts and cakes in Paris
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