After shopping at Glebe, at about 1pm, Nina left and Miela and I headed back to Newtown together where 6 of my other close friends surprised me but literally popping out of a shop, it was a surprise for my late birthday to have lunch together and well i was so happy and shocked because i am not used to surprise birthdays and they brought my late birthday present from Urban Outfitters (cherry 1461 docs woop wooop!!). We had lunch at Twelve and then just walked around Newtown looking inside the quirky shops. I was walking around with 4 fat shopping bags and it was leaving a red indent on my arm but i did not mind but it was so impossibly annoying to carry around, especially because the shops in Newtown are small. We went to Wowcow to get some frozen yoghurt, and on the way there i was stopped by these lovely girls from Fouringirl blog as they wanted to snap a quick photo of my outfit that day. Afterwards we rushed into Wowcow as i wanted to make my train and ended up spending $11 on my froyo :)

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