To end the holiday, we drove back to Melbourne along Great Ocean Drive to see a few sights and the Twelve Apostles where the winds were so strong it would literally push you back and if you were walking in its direction you somehow start running!

In Melbourne there werent any sights that needed to be seen so the last 2 1/2 days were spent walking for ages, shopping and eating! I loved Melbourne Cbd as everything is so arty! Strange colourful statues on the street, the best graffiti murals ive ever seen, what looked like bright green slime all over a building and much more! The retail shops were very similar to Sydney's but the cbd was overflowing with so many people whose clothes i drooled over. Next day i really wanted to go to Chapel Street in South Yarra. Although it was raining and then sunny and the weather transition continued for the whole day, i loved Chapel Street because it reminded me of Amsterdam by the building shapes but mainly London of all the vintage shops (abit pricey though) and wonderful cafes and restaurants that made you feel like you were in another place! 

We had a Malaysian lunch and then drove to Phillip Island, unplanned to watch penguins coming home tp their burrows. The smallest penguin species out of the 17 in the world is found in Southern Australia and they were the cutest things! We booked a tour and got front row seats on the beach and up to 100 penguins were seen as they made their way from the beach to inland and they were so small and scared they had to stay in groups and they fell and tipped over when the waves hit them and then got back on their feet to penguin power walk to safety. photography of any sort was forbidden unfortunately.
Lots of photos, yes, so i apologise!!!

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